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A point of sale system is a terminal that has more features and functionality for a business.  This computerized solution connects through the gateway and can collect data on purchases and generate reports.  Often times, POST systems are specific such as restaurants or retail.

We offer a variety of Point of Sale Systems that caters to your business needs.  Need an on the counter or in the cloud we offer the flexible options tailored specifically to your business.  We support customers that have a single POS system and others that have hundreds.  It is important that you have an easy to use, yet versatile, POS system.  We can provide you with the ability to ring your customers up without an internet connection or the ability to use our cloud based systems.  We offer the ability to manage your real time business data from your terminal or anywhere with an internet enabled device.  Let us setup a powerful solution designed specifically for the success of your business.

One of the most beneficial reasons for using a cloud based POS system is to streamline your business procedures.  With real time business data tracking you can easily automate employee, customer and inventory management.  Along with the operations reporting you can actively view sales reporting and a variety of analytics that can help free up your time as a business owner.  Our cloud based POS solutions.

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Discover what you're really paying

Most businesses are sold on a rate by a middleman agent not knowing what their true effective rate is.

Monthly Charges Current Provider Current Cost
Visa/MC/Disc Qual Vol: $36,451.67
Visa/MC/Disc Rate 3.20% $1,166.45
Qualified Vol: $169,049.34
Qualified Rate: 3.20% $5409.58
AMEX Volume $98,595.14
AMEX Rate 3.50% $3,450.83
VISA/MC/Disc NQ Vol: $477,584.55
VISA/MC/Disc NQ Rate 4.25% $20,297.34
Non Qual Vol $477,584.55
Non Qual Rate 4.25% $23,719.70
Rewards Volume $0.00
Rewards Rate 0.00% $0.00
Pin Debit Volume $0.00
Pin Debit Rate Network Fees
Pin Debit Trans Fee 0 $0.00
Pin Transactions> 0
Credit Trans Fee 0.55 $1,568.51
Batch Fee: 0.00 $0.00
Cross Border Fee 0 $85.00
Refunds 0 -$207.10
Monthly Minimum 0 $0.00
Total Charges: $55,490.32
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